Friday, 22 July 2016

NDVI - comparison - Sub-district (taluk) - Punjab

NDVI - Historical Comparison - Sub-district (taluk) - Punjab

2016 - Showing clear up-trend compared to 2014 & 2015
2016 - Uptrend - because of good rainfall in current monsoon
This trend comparison till end of June to corresponding year
2015 some areas showing uptrend because June rains were in good in 2015

The above analysis is completely based on Satellite images.

Punjab - Kharif Crops Sowing Status

Punjab - Kharif Crops Sowing Status - Till End of 1st Week of July

1. Around 90% sowing was completed in Punjab till end of 1st week of July.

2. The Major crops were: Paddy & Cotton

3. The spatial distribution of Kharif Crops was shown below.

4. The below map was prepared using Satellite images

5. Using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques.

Green Colour Indicates Kharif Crops (2016)
Red Indicates: Cloud cover areas
Megenta is district boundaries

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